Queer Things Are Happening

Queer Things Are Happening

There are a lot of super queer things happening and along with these queer things are opportunities to help out and learn! In order to keep up to date on these opportunities, sign on up for the LGBTteetotaler mailing list!

Are you wondering if this mailing list is for you?  Here are a handful of examples of things I’ll be doing via email: 

  • finding queer, trans and questioning folks who want to give feedback on what I’m working on to help break down heteronormativity and the gender binary in recovery and wellness spaces
  • sending out information regarding offerings and opportunities for leaders and professionals in the recovery and wellness space who are committed to making their materials more accessible and relatable for queer, trans and questioning folks
  • sending out content and updates from time to time that I think you’ll all enjoy (but let’s be honest, there is no way I’ll be sending updates out more than every other month)
If you’re interested in any (or all) of those things, what are you waiting for!?
Sign up for my mailing list now!

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