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Sharing Stories. Creating Community.

As I was getting sober in 2016, I found a lot of great resources to help me quit drinking and feel confident and content with that decision. What was harder to find in my recovery community were the other queers. They were out there, to be sure but, there wasn’t really a space I could go to in order to find stories that really reflected my experience. My hope is to create that space. A place for queer and trans people in all forms of recovery to be able to share their experiences as well as a space for me to share my story, ideas and, art related to my recovery and what I’m learning about how to create a truly inclusive and diverse recovery community.

The Blog

The things I think up and write. Also includes the monthly feature “We’re Here, We’re Queer!” where a different member of the LGBTQIA+ community in recovery will share their story every month.


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The Community

A place for queer, trans and questioning folks who are sober, sober-curious or in any kind of recovery to connect and meet each other.

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